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About Provident Claims Services, Inc.

We are a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) focused on customized claim services for specialized insurance programs that include firefighters, EMS providers, law enforcement, volunteer and nonprofit groups, youth sports, municipal workers, and more.

Dedicated Claims

Nearly a Century of Claims Experience

& Timeliness

& Courteous

Confidential, Private & Secure

We’re here to help you file a claim!

Use our Reference Guide to learn how. We try to make it as easy as possible.

Is your Beneficiary Designation updated and current?

Reminder, this can be completed online but must be printed and signed afterward. All completed Beneficiary Designation Forms must be kept on file with your organization, the policyholder.

If you have completed a Beneficiary Designation Form that does not match our Beneficiary Designation Form, please email it to to verify it contains all the required information.

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